Season 2 Your Personality

Your Personality

This new season is jam packed with interesting tidbits about how to be a productive writer by making decisions informed by data around your MBTI personality type. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, before you continue listening to this, go listen to episode 2 from Season 1, where I explain why your personality type is important to your creative practice and how to discover yours.

In the next five episodes, you will learn about:

  • habits – what they are and how to build good ones. Habits are different from routines and you need to sort those out first before you set out to create a productive routine for your creative self;
  • creative motivation and what motivates different people. It comes out on Tuesday next week and will get you thinking about what motivates your writing and how to tailor your practice so you can ensure maximum success;
  • your most creative time by using your personality type insights as inspiration. Early worms, night owls and everyone in between would benefit from listening – sitting down to write at the right time for you will guarantee that you have the most productive session you can have;
  • the effect your personality has on your writing environment. The different personality types get their creative energy spikes from different things so it’s useful to know where to go and who to surround yourself with when you decide to create;
  • routines and how the different personality types respond to them. To some it comes more easily than others but I have some ideas and inspiration for everyone in that episode.

EPISODE 1 Theory of habits and writing

In this episode, I talk about habits – what they are, how they’re different from routines, why it’s so hard to change them and how we can build good ones and discard the ones that don’t bring us anything positive. I will share some interesting research around this and some wisdom from people who know a lot about the science of learned behavior.

EPISODE 2 Uncover you inner writing motivation

In this episode, I dive straight into what creative motivation is and then break it down for all MBTI personality types. So bring up in your head the memory of your personality type. I will be using the terms set out by  – there is a table below where you can double-check your type if you forget its name or its letter combination. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, before you continue listening to this, go listen to episode 2 from Season 1, where I explain why your personality type is important and how to find yours.

EPISODE 3 Find your most creative writing time

This episode is about exploring what your most creative writing time might be according to your personality. I will also talk about some interesting research into creative times and sprinkle some celebrity inspiration to help you get in the mood of thinking how you can best utilize your most creative time in your daily writing habit.

EPISODE 4 Discover your best writing environment

When I was younger I thought the only thing I needed to be able to sit down and write was my imagination, my computer or a piece of paper, and some time. As the years passed and the need to sustain my impromptu writing sessions grew, I realized I also needed some drinks, some snacks, a comfortable seat, a place that didn’t stress me out and an actual plan of what to write because my patience as a discovery writer started running a bit thin.

I know I’m not the only one who searches for the perfect writing environment, the one that is just the right amount of loud for you to be inspiring and comfortable enough to keep wrist and back cramps at bay so health issues don’t distract from your ultimate goal of sitting down to write.

This episode explores what the perfect writing space and social environment look like for all the personality types. As with all the things we’ve covered so far, it will be different for everyone.

EPISODE 5 Writing routines are for all personality types

In this episode, I talk about the favorite topic of this podcast – routines. This time, I will look at them through the lens of personality research. This means I will delve into which personalities thrive on routine.