Season 1 Beginnings

Uncover your baseline

Binge the first season to learn what I consider the basic knowledge required to start building a writing routine which is perfect for you.

In the next five episodes, you will learn about:

  • self-care and why it is good for you and how to make a start with it if you haven’t already;
  • different personality types and why insight into this can inform your writing routine;
  • your social bubble and how that affects the way you set up your writing routine;
  • burnout and its main symptoms and how to them and address them by building a routine that fits your lifestyle perfectly;
  • routines and why you should be excited about crafting one that works for you and your creative process.

EPISODE 1 Writing and self-care

Good mental health is a journey. Somewhere along the way, feeling isolated and unhappy, but somehow still craving to write, I realized there was no one around me who could erase my issues and make things better. I had to take care of myself. And so my journey began. I wanted to have a routine that worked for me because I felt awesome when I was productive. I became almost addicted to that rush of endorphins that came after completing something and feeling a sense of achievement over it. And with that also came self-compassion when things weren’t going so great. I knew it was just a bump in the road. It was easier to process.

The Pen Garden for me was the logical continuation of that train of thought. Seeing some of my writing friends struggle with all the things I mentioned before, I wanted to share my little nuggets of knowledge and empower writers to take control of their writing routines. I wanted to help YOU. Not simply follow a guide but really make you own up to your particular situation and create something that works for you.

EPISODE 2 Your personality and writing productivity

In this episode I talk a little bit about how to determine your personality type and how that can help you shape your writing routine. Understanding what drives you and what your strengths and limitations are will help you focus your efforts and create a routine that is a perfect fit, with you and your needs at its core.

EPISODE 3 Your social bubble & writing productivity

Following the previous two topics, it is only fair that we look at what outside factors can affect how you build your writing routine. Like it or not, you and I are part of society and if we want said society to engage with our writing, we have to keep within its bounds. That includes accepting that writing might never be straightforward and that there will always be interruptions from within our social bubble.

EPISODE 4 Burnout in writers

I’m a writer just like you and as I’ve said before, I have been writing actively for the past 8 years. Burnout is not an unfamiliar to me, I have experienced the symptoms and have managed to keep it at bay for the most part. So I will be using science and my personal experience to educate you to do the same. For this episode I will focus on the definition of burnout, why writers are so susceptible to it and I will outline a few things you could do to recognize it before it’s too late.

This episode aims to be informative but not negative. I’m giving you this information because knowledge is power and especially with mental health issues the first step to prevention and improvement is recognizing the issue for what it is and admitting it can happen to all of us.

EPISODE 5 Writing routines are great

Routine is a word which sparks both joy and dread depending on your outlook on life. If you love having a structured day and ticking off things on your to-do list makes you feel happy and productive, then you’re already converted. Welcome to your tribe of routine lovers.

If on the other hand, you think having a routine does not fit your lifestyle because you’re spontaneous and don’t want to live by rules set by others, fair enough, but please stay till the end – maybe I’ll change your mind, particularly because I will be talking about YOU making YOUR own personal routine. For YOU, by YOU, to benefit YOUR writing process.